Saturday, January 24, 2009

We All Daydream...And That's a Good Thing!

Everyone with an intact brain daydreams, and we spend—believe it or not—30 to 70% of our waking time in various states of mind wandering. When you think about it, this significant amount of time we spend “lost in thought” isn’t that surprising. After all, we humans are a creative species. We get bored easily; our minds wander, and wander in imaginative ways that have moved us in a relatively short span of time from cave dwellers to websurfing, space-age globetrotters. It’s the ability to imagine that propels us. As such, daydreaming is both the engine that drives our imagination, and the nursery where ideas germinate.

The beauty of daydreaming is that it’s a process available to every one of us. Yet most know little about it. In our to-do-list world, we practically worship the focused, directed mind. We laud the pursuit of the quiet mind after wearing it out with stress. Yet we disparage our third state of mind, our most creative, imaginative, problem-solving, energizing, and entertaining mental state—the daydreaming mind.

I’m on a mission to help people get over their feelings of guilt and shame about daydreaming because 1) it’s a natural human function with many benefits, and 2) it’s where you get your ideas and motivation.

So, if you need new ideas for your business, your career, or life in general, and who doesn't?---learn how to tap into your daydreams.

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