Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Audacity of Dreams....Or Rather, Daydreams

Barack Obama certainly had a dream . . . that one day he would be president. I’m sure in his younger years that many would have mocked him for such an audacious dream, but thankfully, Obama followed his own inner vision. And what is a “vision?” At the end of the day, a “vision” is just an upscale word for “daydream,” and “visionary” an upscale word for “daydreamer.”

When people say they “dream” of being president or a billionaire or an artist or whatever it is they fantasize about, they are daydreaming those goals, literally envisioning them in their mind’s eye. Take the “day” in daydream away and what do you have—“dream.” While most of us don’t have the ego to think of ourselves as visionaries experiencing grand moments of insight, we can all relate to having daydreams, and we can learn to mine them for ideas and energy.

Daydreams can be powerful blueprints for our life. When we daydream or fantasize about our future, we are mentally imaging events and situations—that is visualizing them—long before they happen. We need to build on our positive daydreams and weed out the negative.


  1. This is very true...daydreams help us visualize what we want to achieve. DREAM BIG!

  2. I agree. I find that I can daydream the most when I listen to music. I think everyone has an inner "rock star" that comes out with music. It helps get the creative energy going in my mind when I have music in the background. I usually daydream about an upcoming event, and I imagine the best outcome. The power of positive thinking!