Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Radio Interviews on Work, Daydreaming, & Motivation

I recently completed two radio interviews related to Daydreams at Work: Wake Up Your Creative Powers. On the Work Matters radio show, host Nan Russell and I discussed how daydreaming and work really do go together, and the growing importance of innovation and creativity in the workplace--not just for businesses but for employees as well. It's a fast-changing competitive world out there and as Edison once said, "To have a good idea, have lots of them." And the way to have lots of ideas and to understand the creative process is to begin exploring your daydreaming state of mind.

On Dream List Radio, host Melissa Borghorst and I also discussed how people can tap into their daydreams at work and for work, and also talked about how people can use their daydreams as motivation to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

I used my own daydreaming capacity to prepare for both of these interviews. I went on long walks and runs to put myself into a daydreaming state so I'd be at my creative best in brainstorming potential questions and answers. We do a lot of our creative planning and analyzing while in a daydreaming state. Brain scan studies have shown that this is our most creative state of mind for complex problem solving and envisioning, as we can tap into stores of memory, knowledge, and experience unavailable when struggling for answers in a very focused state of mind.

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