Monday, June 1, 2009

Daydreaming at Book Expo

I definitely had a dream come true this weekend at Book Expo. I got to sign and give away a lot of books and meet many people who admitted they were big daydreamers and who were finally glad to get the official thumbs up for daydreaming. I've been daydreaming about adding a forum to my website where people can anonymously share their daydreams. I think it would be fascinating. In fact the forum is ready to go, I just haven't summoned the nerve to publish it. It would probably take a while to catch on, but I guess "if you build it, they will come...." What do you think? Yeah or nay? Would you be willing to discuss your own daydreams if you could do it anonymously?

Thanks to everyone who came out to get a signed book. Thanks also to Kathleen, Jean, and Jane for handling the arrangements and to my family, Mark, Gretchen, and Rachel who dealt with some less-than-ideal flights to be there to show their support and to promote Daydreams at Work.

They looked great in their "I daydream at work" T-shirts, which were also great conversation starters. (Photos: I'm signing; my publisher Kathleen Hughes is on the left. Mark and Rachel in the second photo; Gretchen with the sign.)

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  1. The pictures look great! It was so great to be there at the expo!