Friday, May 22, 2009

Great News--"Heavy" Daydreamers Are Normal & Imaginative

I can’t tell you how many creative, imaginative, and dynamic people have told me they were scolded by teachers and parents for daydreaming too much. All this despite a number of studies that show that children who are big daydreamers tend to be more imaginative, more creative, and better adjusted because they can amuse themselves with their own inner creations.

A brand new study available in part online but not yet published in The Journal of Research in Personality finds that heavy daydreaming is not related to psychological disorder as some have previously thought, but rather is a normal activity that reflects the daydreamer's imaginative tendencies and enjoyment of daydreaming.

That’s certainly good news for all us heavy daydreamers out there—we may be spacey, but we’re not crazy!

This study was headed by noted daydreamer researcher Dr. Eric Klinger, who I had the privilege to interview during my research for Daydreams at Work. Dr. Klinger has been very kind and supportive as I “bugged” him many times during the writing of Daydreams at Work. He is a wonderful man and scientist who has added so much to our understanding of this very common and important human function. Thank you Dr. Klinger!

I LOVE to hear people’s stories about their experiences with daydreaming. If you have any questions or anything you want to discuss, please visit my website at Daydreams at Work and use the contact form. I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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