Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hope and Daydreams

A former high-school classmate of my daughter is now serving in Iraq. On her facebook page, she writes that “daydreams and music” are the only two things getting her through the ordeal.

We daydream for a variety of reasons, and one reason is they give us hope and help get us through the rough and boring patches of life. This isn’t a small thing. All of us face our challenging days, and without the capacity to envision a brighter future or new goals, life would be bleak indeed.

In addition to the psychological boost we get from these kinds of daydreams, studies have shown that we also get stress relief in the form of endorphins. Pretty powerful stuff courtesy of the humble little daydream.

How do you use daydreaming to help you get through life’s rough patches? Do you have any recurring themes or images?


  1. I couldn't imagine a day without daydreaming. Currently, I am training for a race and daydreams are what gets me through my runs. Daydreams help give you a positive image to focus on. Dream on!

  2. Daydreams help me get through the stressful times at work. I have a very exciting vacation planned for mid summer and I often find myself daydreaming about all the cool stuff i'm going to be able to see, do and experience. Daydreams are an easy way to clear your mind of all the craziness around you for a short period of time without actually getting away.

  3. I daydream all the time at work. I like to daydream about getting a promotion and then possibly a better job, so that helps me be more productive during the day. Also, I daydream about where I'm going to live and the pets I want to get, which always cheers me up :)

  4. I visit with my son who is no longer with me. When we go on vacation or some place special, I imagine him with us. Sometimes just smiling, or maybe just holding my hand!